Remembering 5 Years

All this week, I’ve been pondering the amazing things God did for us last weekend at NorthPoint. What an awesome day with a great crowd, some amazing food, my favorite worship team, and a tremendous message from the Scriptures. What more could we ask for?

In my personal Bible study this morning, I read a passage of Scripture that the Lord used to encourage me and to remind me of how God is building His church here. The passage is Acts 5:38-39 which reads, for if this plan or this undertaking is of man, it will fail; but if it is of God, you will not be able to overthrow them.

I have often been asked, and continue to be asked occasionally, “Do you think NorthPoint will survive long-term? Can this church make it? After all, this is a difficult area!” Well now I have my new answer! If it is being built on man, it will fail. There is no leader, no personality, and no pastor that can establish a work such as this that will be fail-proof. We would all be wasting our time, energy, and resources.

But if it is of God, and IT IS, it will not fail. Take heart NorthPointers. We may have celebrated five years, a milestone for church plants in the Buffalo area, but God is just getting started. There is so much that He wants to accomplish and the means by which He has chosen to accomplish it—us. That’s you and me. That’s our NorthPoint family. That’s this rogue and random group of people that He has brought together under the umbrella of NorthPoint Church. And we get to be a part of that.

So, while the past five years have been amazing, the future is even brighter. Let’s link arms and make a difference where He has planted us. Let’s get busy. Our community needs NorthPoint Church and the people in our community need Jesus.

Now that we’ve paused to take a look back, we now continue to unpack our DNA statement: NorthPoint Church is a community of Christ followers striving together to engage others with the transforming love of Christ. Come hear Part 2 this Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m.